Modern buildings with glass facade, comprising an architectural whole with the nearby facilities, are surrounded by carefully decorated green areas with pedestrian lanes. The interior of the buildings with spacious is equipped with marble and high-quality woodwork, providing the space with special warmth. High ceilings and large glass areas provide natural light.

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Technical specifications

- Concrete construction with glass facade
- Window opening option
- Lowered ceilings
- HVAC air-conditioning system and garages with 100% inflow of fresh air
- Own energy plant, independent from the city heating system
- 4 elevators per building

Reception desk

Each building has a reception desk in the main hallway with trained and experienced personnel who speak foreign languages. Tenants can use the reception desk services 24/7 for regular guest announcement and reception and for other services: calling a taxi, photocopying, sending faxes and providing other useful information to the building users.

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The business complex has physical security 24h/7 at all entrances to office buildings. With the latest video surveillance with outdoor cameras for motion detection, both buildings have a specially equipped room for surveillance and video material storing. The integrated system of anti-fire protection is applied in the complex.


The business complex has a joint underground garage with more than 200 garage spaces. A ramp-protected entrance enables high security of vehicles, while elevators from the garage to a desired floor provide comfort. The garage has fully equipped a car wash facility.

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